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IMDS is committed and involved with the establishment, implementation and review of a customer-focussed and continually improving business environment. 

We shall accept your feedback up to three months after occurrence of the event.

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The aim of our compliments and complaints process is to obtain 360 degree feedback for timely acknowledgement of compliments, complaint handling and excellence in customer service aligned with our core values and commitment to continuous improvement.


The core principles of an effective complaint handling system are:

  • Visibility - the complaint handling system needs to be promoted and publicised internally and externally.

  • Access - clients and staff should have easy access to information about how to make a complaint.

  • Responsiveness - all complaints will be responded to quickly and within specified time targets.

  • Accountability - regular reporting on the complaints process against performance standards.

  • Fairness - the complaint handling process will recognise the need to be fair to both the complainant and the organisation/person against whom the complaint is made.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service offered or provided by IMDS or a supplier.  We encourage feedback about our products and services by promoting the compliments and complaints process on our website.  Feedback forms are displayed at the Administration Office.  The Compliments and Complaints Procedure, Work Instruction and supporting documentation provide more detailed information about the process. 

Complaints are categorised as:  (i) behavioural/attitudinal demonstrated by a staff member or supplier, (ii) performance of a staff member or supplier, and (iii) systemic where there may be a delay in first point-of-contact customer service, etcetera. 

Anonymous Complaints are those without an identified author.  Anonymity eliminates our ability to respond to the author. 

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination will not be tolerated and must be reported to the Managing Director. 

Vexatious Complaints are those raised specifically to provoke irritation, cause anxiety, worry or with the intention of causing annoyance. 

After assessment of the feedback, anyone deemed by the Managing Director to have purposely raised a vexatious complaint will have their complaint rejected.


Customers, staff and other interested parties can compliment us, make a complaint or raise a formal concern. 


IMDS acknowledges the need to conduct an audit annually, review processes, analyse data and evaluate performance to measure the suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of its compliments and complaints process for continuous improvement.  Data identifies systemic, recurring and single incident issues and trends for elimination of complaints and their causes (AS ISO 10002-2006 Complaint Handling).  


Our Feedback Management System meets the needs and expectations of our customers, staff and interested parties through:  a) consideration of relevant legislative, regulatory, standard, and organizational requirements and input from customers, staff, and other interested parties; (b) planning, implementation and maintenance of a customer-focussed feedback approach; and (c) provision of adequate resources including staff induction, training and authority.  It uses a fee-free and confidential customer-focussed approach based on the principles of visibility, accessibility, accountability, responsiveness and fairness.  

Regular customer satisfaction surveys and discussion forums capture compliments and complaints ready for processing of these records in the feedback management system used for analysis and reporting.  Our compliments and complaints process is promoted on our website and displayed in the administration office.  


IMDS monitors its performance through the collection of data reported in its monthly Balanced Score Card and annual internal audit reviewed by Management.  Data reflects the principles of an effective complaints handling process for:


  • Number of website hits to access information


  • Numbers of complaints received quarterly and annually

  • Numbers of nonconformances on a team during annual internal audit

  • Number and percentage of Staff Induction & Training Program participants


  • Number of reports published quarterly (internal and external certification)


  • Percentage of complaints resolved immediately

  • Percentage of complaints resolved within target timeframes


  • Percentage of complaints resolved with internal remedies

  • Percentage of complaints resolved from external dispute resolution.


IMDS is interested in all feedback regarding customer service and continuous improvement. The Feedback Management System records complaints, compliments and formal concerns.  All people will be treated with fairness, respect and equality; will be responded to quickly, and can be assured that their personal information will remain confidential and safe.  Making a complaint is a simple process.  

Option 1  Complete the Feedback Form, then either place in the Feedback Box located at the Administration Office, PO Box 405, Upper Coomera, QLD 4209 Australia

Option 2  Go to h  , complete the online Feedback Form, then submit it to IMDS via our website or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.u

Option 3  Contact us by telephoning 1300 373 436

1. Your feedback should include:

   (a) the compliment/complaint – which product/service, when the event occurred, how it affected you and which steps you have taken; and

   (b) the outcome you are seeking.


  • Record details of the feedback.

  • Acknowledge your communication with us (informal grievance, formal complaint, formal appeal).

  • conduct an initial assessment of the case (internal informal grievance, internal formal complaint, internal formal appeal, external formal dispute, external formal concern).

  • Investigate the case.

  • Communicate with you about our decision on the case.

  • Communicate with you about the outcome, and reason for the decision relating to the appeal process.

  • Discuss proposed and actual actions and offer a remedy if applicable.

  • Where applicable, inform you about external dispute resolution and formal concerns.

  • Where applicable, take corrective and/or preventative actions to proactively improve the Integrated Management System, records and practices.

  • Where applicable, reflect on the process and make permanent cultural change.

11.        CONTACT US

Telephone     1300 373 436

Email             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This policy was effective on 20 January 2012, and is due for review before 31 December 2021.  Any changes to this policy will be display two (2) weeks prior to the change taking place on our website at .

This policy commitment for management, personnel, customers, interested parties, and third parties shall be essential.

Managing Director, 4 January 2021